My name is Frank Falisi. I wrote for Tiny Mix Tapes and am currently an Associate Editor at Bright Wall/Dark Room. I’m also co-founder, along with Ray Fallon, of Garden State Lantern, a space for critical discourse around New Jersey film history and exhibition. My writing on film, music, and baseball can be found around the internet, some of it linked below. I study film at the Graduate Center in New York City, but most days  I work with the theater group Shakespeare 70 and walk Finley the dog.

Charlie Shackleton’s Lateral (Brooklyn Rail)
The Image and the Afterglow: Jane Schoenbrun’s I Saw the TV Glow (In Review Online)
Raymond Wood’s Faceless After Dark (In Review Online)
Rocko Zevenbergen’s I Need You Dead! (Screen Slate)
Katharina Lüdin’s Of Living Without Illusion (In Review Online)
Around the Edges: Self-Portrait: 47KM 2020 (Reverse Shot)
Something Dramatic and Unusual: The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar  (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
Terminal Note: All of Us Strangers (Tone Glow)
Blake Williams’ Laberint Sequences (Brooklyn Rail)
Desire and Expectations: A Confucian Confusion and Mahjong (The Film Stage)
A Cinematic Corpus: Godard CinemaTrailer of a Film That Will Never Exist: Phony Wars (The Film Stage)
Riding the Chainsaw: Michael Mann’s Ferrari (Lit Hub)
Real Love: Bradley Cooper’s Maestro (Lit Hub)
Kenneth Branagh and De-Poiroting Hercule Poirot (CrimeReads)
Basic Instinct: Getting Lost in Joe Dante’s The Movie Orgy (MUBI Notebook)
Liberatory Art: Ira Sach’s Passages (Lit Hub)
Soda Jerk’s Hello Dankness (Brooklyn Rail)
“And When it Rains the Rain Falls Down”: Dog Day Afternoon (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
Running Man: Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One (CrimeReads)
Regarding Katharine: The Aviator and Summertime (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
Friends, Lovers, or Neighbors: All the Beauty and the Bloodshed (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
Wave Theory: Mami Wata (Reverse Shot)
On Rodeo -- First Look 2023 (Tone Glow)
On Calls From Moscow and Dearest Fiona -- Berlinale 2023 (Tone Glow)
Trick of the Light: The Banshees of Inisherin (Los Angeles Review of Books)
A Few Ways of Looking at The Fabelmans (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
The Raw Material of History: Jon Bois in the Age of Everything (MUBI Notebook)
Dreams For Dreamers: Ed Wood Against the World (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
“There is No Time”: The Velvet Underground (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
When I Look in Your Eye: Innerspace (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
Lord Help Me, I Can’t Change: Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
Loose Quicksilver in a Nest of Quacks: The Magnificent Ambersons (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
To Where You Once Belonged: Get Back (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
God Bless You, Mr. Dubois: Hubie Halloween (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
The Love You Send is Endless: The History of the Seattle Mariners (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
“I Said Zoo and You Came”: The Sopranos: S3, Episode 9 (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
Whence We Unmoor No More: Blue Water, White Death (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
B Who I Want to B: Bugs, Daffy, SOPHIE, & Empathy (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
Even Though it’s Breaking: The Great Dictator (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
Over the Edge, Over Again: The Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
[birds singing outside]: A Mixtape For Living Song to Song (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
“Life is Short: Stunt It!” The Refined Nothing of Hot Rod (Bright Wall/Dark Room)
Hang on Girl: Wendy and Lucy (Bright Wall/Dark Room)

Christopher Jason Bell (Garden State Lantern)
Frederick Elmes (The Film Stage)
A Little Bit Fairy Tale: An Interview With Robin Campillo (Reverse Shot)
Elena Rossi-Snook (Brooklyn Rail)
Ken Loach (The Film Stage)
John DeMarsico (BrightWall/Dark Room)
Deborah Stratman (The Film Stage)
Kalil Haddad (Tone Glow)
Nick Lutsko with Ethan Warren (Between Art and Life)
“ Just Be in Love”: An Interview With Stephen Cone (Bright Wall/Dark Room)

Music, baseball, etc.:
On  “...Are You Ready For It?” (swiftly)
Various blurbs: Miley, Lana, Charli, Olivia, etc. (The Singles Jukebox)
There’s No Winning in Baseball: For Matt Harvey (Mental Hellth)
Emerges From Fur: Félicia Atkinson‘s Coyotes (Bandcamp)
Lips in the Streetlights: The Future Pop of the 2010s (Tiny Mix Tapes)
Mount Eerie with Julie Doiron, Lost Wisdom pt. 2 (Tiny Mix Tapes)
The Caretaker’s Everywhere at the end of time - Stage 6 (Tiny Mix Tapes)
Ariana Grande’s thank u, next (Tiny Mix Tapes)
You Have Been Loved: Pop Music in 2018 (Tiny Mix Tapes)
The Caretaker’s Everywhere at the end of time - Stage 5 (Tiny Mix Tapes)
Tirzah’s Devotion (Tiny Mix Tapes)
Chvrches’ Love is Dead (Tiny Mix Tapes)
“Weird Al” Yankovic: Live at the Apollo (Tiny Mix Tapes)
Barrio Sur’s बड़ा शोक (heart break) (Tiny Mix Tapes)
Taylor Swift’s Reputation (Tiny Mix Tapes)
Miley Cyrus’ Younger Now (Tiny Mix Tapes)
The Photographs of Charles Duvelle (Tiny Mix Tapes)
Danny L Harle’s 1UL (Tiny Mix Tapes)
The Caretaker’s Everywhere at the end of time - Stage 2 (Tiny Mix Tapes)
Charli XCX’s Number One Angel (Tiny Mix Tapes)
Wolf Parade’s EP4 (Tiny Mix Tapes)
Vis Medicatrix Pop: 2016 in 4 Humors(Tiny Mix Tapes)
Arca’s Entrañas (Tiny Mix Tapes)
Willow’s ARDIPITHECUS (Tiny Mix Tapes)

Media Appearances:
In conversation with Ethan Warren and Nick Lutsko (Between Art and Life)
On Jim Henson (The Great Henson Caper)
On The Master (Pod Thomas Anderson)
On Moneyball and baseball cinema (The Bright Wall/ Dark Room Podcast)
On Ishtar and Elaine May (The Bright Wall/ Dark Room Podcast)

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